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Talkwheel unifies and analyzes a brand's social media through the first visually interactive community platform.

What We Do

Talkwheel is a revolutionary community and analytics platform that:

  • Empowers brands to build simple yet visual, hosted, consumer-facing communities.
  • Easily integrates into any website, mobile app, blog, and social media channel to unify conversation no matter where consumers interact
  • Determines the specific influencers that drive your communities
  • Customizes Key Influencer algorithms tailored specifically to your data
  • Provides analytics and insight to what is trending and what topics are most relevant to your communities
  • Creates interactive focus groups with key users to discuss new features and product releases
  • Monitors, moderates, and tracks comments to respond to trends and threats

What We Offer

Robust Social Media Community and Analytics Platform

Social Media Platform

Talkwheel is a social media communication platform that unifies your members/fans by aggregating their conversations from most popular sources, building stronger and more engaged communities.

Social Media Analytics

Talkwheel solves the problem of identifying, monitoring and analyzing your key influencers, what they are saying about your brand, and who is "listening" to them, thus improving your ability to act, respond, and cultivate your communities.

Cross Platform

Talkwheel provides the ability to unify the conversations wherever they are taking place, mobile, web, and a growing number of social networks.


Talkwheel is extendable and customizable to leverage the investment made in content and "branding" ensuring integrity.

What This Means to You

Improved Authentic Engagement

Research shows what motivates shoppers, talking to other shoppers. Increases the likelihood they will buy by 105% and spend 11% more than the brand talking to the brand.

Continuous Conversation

Through this revolutionary and visually interactive platform, Talkwheel facilitates continuous conversations and builds your community by bringing them back again and again.

Manage, Monitor and Analyze

It is easy to get started with Talkwheel so your product and brand managers can get access to these conversations which provide insights into trends, opportunities, and threats in real-time.

Expanded Reach

Talkwheel empowers expanded reach across your critical communities and all your social media channels and platforms, web, mobile, FB, LinkedIn and Twitter. Access to millions of members and their conversations, no matter where they are "talking".


Life isn't linear, why should your conversations be?


Talkwheel is a new age social communication and community platform that:

  • Empowers brands to build simple yet interactive, hosted, consumer-facing communities.
  • Easily integrates into any website, mobile app, blog, and social media channel.
  • Turns random social media comments into continuous and meaningful user discussion.
  • Aggregates comments across web and mobile into one unified fan driven conversation no matter the consumer touch point.
  • Analyzes social content in a scalable and searchable way.


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